Product overview


Rubber Extruder

Sheet, tube, coating or mutiplex extrusion. With various Extrusion Head & accessories, KAYTON Rubber Extruder shall satisfy all you needs.

Extrusion Head

Various structure & optimized flow channel design. KAYTON Extrusion Head offer excellent product quality while reducing residual waste.

Rubber Calendering Machine

KAYTON Rubber Calender can be combine with different accessory equipments for kinds of processes: Profiling, Inner Liner Calendering or Cord Calendering.

Laboratory Curing Press

KAYTON Laboratory Curing Press, suit for various heat-source, and all kinds of custom-order accessory equipment.

Tire Curing Machine

Tired of curing failure?
Rapid and precise, small footprint but durable. KAYTON Tire Curing Press (Tire Curing Machine) is your best choice.

Batch Off Machine

KAYTON Batch Off Machine is a continuous cooling line for the hot rubber from mixer. Include (but not only) Dipping, Marking, Cooling & Stacking process .

Bias Cutter

KAYTON Bias Cutter give you rapid cutting but with the highly uniform ply body and consistent splice.

Tire Steel Belt Manufacturing

Alternative to calendering process, KAYTON Steel belt Extrusion provide you a solution for small-scale steel belt production.

Drum Tire Testing Machine

To know yourself better. KAYTON Drum Tire Testing Machine suit for all kinds of dynamic tire testing for various tires.

Bead Wire Measuring Machine

Precise & Constant, KAYTON Bead Wire Measuring Machine.

Inner Tube Curing Machine

Kayton inner tube curing press has the advantages of precise temperature control, convenient operation and maintenance, and meets all various sizes you need.