Triplex Extruder for Tire Tread & Side-wall Extrusion
Product Description

1. This extruder is fabricated and designed by our much using and improvement experience in site work and combining with the advanced techniques
    of Germany extruder.
2. The screw and barrel were made of European and Japanese alloy steel, and were fabricated by precision machining and complete heat-treatment. 
    And also it can do a wear resisting alloyed steel welding process on the surface, but this is option.
3. The Gears of gear reducer were made of alloy steel, through complete heat-treatment and grinding process, so the gear reducer gets low noisy and
    durable feature, and with auto cooling system for lubricating oil.
4. The common base design makes the machine keeping high precision in long terms ans easily installed at site.
5. The special designed water jacket gets excellent heat exchange effciency.
6. The multi proof designed feeding roller can prevent the rubber getting into the bearing.
7. The fully automation temperature control system is closed circuit route, which gets no loss on soft water and no scale in the system.
8. We can provide every kind of extrusion head for sulting different products.
9. Application product:
    a.) For tread of tire extrusion.        e.) For rubber sheet/plate produciotn.
    b.) For inner liner extrusion.           f.) For irregular rubber strip extrusion.
    c.) For rubber tube extrusion.        g.) Any others depend on user's requirement.
    d.) For rubber hose extrusion.