Drum Tester (Close type tester)
Product Description

Testing Functions:
‧  Basic function for tire endurance and high-speed performance test.
‧  Operator can key in 20 different steps of speed, load, and time ( or mileage ) at one time, then machine operates by computer, running and testing
      step by step automatically, and printing out the test data.
      ( Max. 50 steps was optional item )
‧  It has a management function of showing all of testing situation digitally, then recording and printing.
‧  The tire will return back during testing when tread has become separated, deflated or burst, and the machine will stop automatically while
      all tires return back.
‧  It had the following functions:
      * Tire slip testing and camber testing system.
      * Dynamic radius measuring system.
      * Static radius measuring system.
      * Tire inner pressure measuring system.
      * Tire inner pressure controlling system.
      * Tire outer surface temperature measuring system.
        ( Infrared scanning for multi point checking )      
      * Tire rolling resistance testing system.
      * Tire running growing measuring system. 

Display panel and screen

Multi-Function in One unit

Rubber separation or burst checking,
infrared temperature scanning system and
rolling resistance checking device.
Tire Slip testing
Tire camber testing