Tire Curing Machine

The vulcanization process is the last process of tire production, and it takes the longest time among all process, so the quality of curing machine is also the most important. Before this process, the workmen expended all their energies to build green tires with many materials. How pity it is, if the tire got poor quality or destroyed which was caused by final process-vulcanization.
The tire curing machine is a more-complex-action machine and works under high pressure and high temperature condition. If the maker has no long-period experience of using and improvement, his tire curing machine is very easy to get trouble or damage, resulting in the bad quality or failure of tires. It will be a big problem for tire makers. So, the technicians or the executive of the tire making company has to know how to judge whether a tire curing machine is good or not. It is very important for the company.