Curing Machine For P/C, L/T, T/B Radial Tires
Product Description

Full digital control system
Size change quickly
Actuating speed highly
Higher precision and lower maintenance

Green tire receiver ( 3 positions ) & vertical loader  
Post cure inflator
( Rim gap auto adjusting type )
& auto pick-up unloader
2 cavities full functions independent control type

SPECIFICATION ( Platen type ) - For Radial Tires:

1. All functions are controlled digitally, inculding green tire loading device, mold up/down position, center post height position,
    PCI rim width adjustment... etc.
2. The touch screen for each curing machine can memorize 100 sizes of production conditions. Applying this memory function, all the sizes will be
    adjusted automatically.
    ( In case of connecting with a computer, more sizes will be memorized. )
3. Two cavities could produce different tire size individually at the same time, and either one cavity could be stopped producing. The following motions
    could be controlled individually:
    A.) Mold up/down position.
    B.) Center post up/down position.
    C.) Green tire loading device.
    D.) Cured tire unloading device.
    E.) PCI rim pans distance auto adjusting.
    F.) Platens and mold container temperature independent control. ( OPTIONAL )
    G.) Internal heating medium 2 cavities independent control. ( OPTIONAL )
4. Function of computer system:
    A.) The computer system could control the tire production and management of many curing machines.
    B.) You could input all of the tire production conditions for either one cavity, including curing medium schedule and the above mentioned motions of 
         Item 3, for instance, the adjustment and automatic operation.
    C.) It could monitor each curing machine's working condition, all of processing numeral and temperature or pressure curve chart for each cavity livelily.
    D.) It is easy to re-check all the saved history data of each curing machine.
    E.) The following reports could be printed out:
         a.) Daily report:
              It could set the time period and the machine number to print out all of the recorded daily data.
         b.) Classified report:
               It could set the time period and the machine number to print out every single function report.
         c.) Curve chart:
               It could set the time period and the machine number to print out all of the temperature and the pressure curve report.
5. One set of hydraulic power unit can serve 5 sets of curing machines. After long time improving by experience, we mount the pump units and filter
    under the oil tank for no damage for a long period and easy maintenance.
6. We don't use the traditional trap for drain water discharging from platens and containers, but use the pneumatic piston valve to discharge drain water
    through a detector to avoid the trap clogged by a foreign subject or the trap itself damaging. So that, the temperature could retain stable.
7. The hydraulic cylinder was designed specially through more-than-30-year using experience and several improvement.
    Thus, it gets very long service life and no oil leaking.