Drum Tester (Normal type tester)
Product Description

Drum Tester

‧ The drum wheel is dynamically balanced to ensure vibration-free and no noise under high speed running.
‧ The machine is driven by a high quality 4Q DC motor or AC inverter controlled motor, featuring extra stable speed under any load.
‧ The high precision loading system is actuated by low-friction hydraulic cylinder or high precision ball screw.
‧ The control system consists of computer, touch screen and PLC. This combined with special software designed by years of using experience that
     upgrades the control functions and applications to a higher level.
‧ Ruggedly constructed throughout in combination with integrated base ensuring deformation-free performation, while maintaining lifetime accuracy.
‧ The machine is available to install on anti-vibration pads without need of foundation bolts for easy installation.
‧ Designed with user's convenience in mind, the machine is very easy to learn and operate.
‧ Employ famous brands of bearings from Europe or Japan for long service life.
‧ All bearings are equipped with temperature sensors.
‧ Alarm occurs in case of over-temperature.
‧ Fully automatic lubrication system prevents bearing from damage accidently.
‧ Each testing station is equipped with electric hoist and sliding rails that make tire loading and unloading easy.
‧ Specially designed high-strength safety door and safety control system.

Multi-Function in One unit

Rubber separation or burst checking,
infrared temperature scanning system and
rolling resistance checking device.
Tire Slip testing
Tire camber testing  

Drum Tester