Batch off machine

Batch Off Machine for Rubber Mixer

  • The marking device with letter block auto changing function.
  • The slitting device can cut the rubber sheet to become 2/3/4/6 even width strips automatically.
  • The solution liquid volume on the rubber sheet surface can be controlled by an air knife. 
  • The rubber sheet from the dipping tank to the rack bar conveyor through a special leading device to become very smooth and no trouble.
  • With the auto pick-up device for leading rubber sheet from the cooling rack bar to take-out  Conveyor automatically.
  • With the special designed auto stacking device from the folding rubber sheet to pallet very tidy.
  • The pallet storing station can store 8~10 pallets with shifting-out function. 
  • Auto lifter for transporting stacked pallets to the upper floor automatically.
  • Auto sampling, auto cutting, auto weighting , metal detector … etc.